Welcome to our submission page! Please email info@kellogghubbard.org if you are having difficulties with this submission page. 

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your work!

PoemCity is accepting submissions for cover artwork for our PoemCity 2024 Anthology. It is free to submit. Ideally, the artwork would be inspired by a PoemCity poem but any artwork will be considered. Submission window will close on January 1, 2024 and we will notify the chosen artist. Questions? Email msinger@kellogghubbard.org

Please use this form to submit poetry events for inclusion in the PoemCity Community Calendar. We are happy to collaborate in spreading the word in our PoemCity program, our Facebook page, and on our website. We will not be submitting events to local news outlets/calendars. Our goal is to support programs that are community-inspired. We hope this leads to more diversity of reading and engagement.

To use the Kellogg-Hubbard Library for your PoemCity event, please contact Michelle Singer at msinger@kellogghubbard.org. 

Once you have secured your reading location (at the library or elsewhere) and know the date, time, and participants, please use this form to let us know your plans. We will lift this information directly from these forms and so please double check that it is correct. The library reserves the right to decline to include events on our PoemCity Community Calendar.

We will accept submissions to the PoemCity Community Calendar until March 1, 2024 for inclusion in the printed program. After that, we can add events until March 31, 2023 for listing on our website only. We will not take Community Calendar submissions after March 31, 2023.

Organizers are responsible for hosting and advertising their own events. The library will direct questions about your event to the contact person listed in this form. 

If you have any other questions, contact Michelle Singer at msinger@kellogghubbard.org.

The Library welcomes local artists as exhibitors in the Children's Library, the Hayes Room, the Karen Kitzmiller Room (one the 2nd floor), and the Frances Holmes Room (on the 1st floor).  Exhibits are generally one to two month(s) long.  A longer exhibition time may be requested with the understanding that it may not be honored.  Please examine this agreement carefully.  Should your proposal be accepted, you will need to sign a paper copy of this agreement in person at the library before displaying your artwork.

Artists interested in exhibiting must provide:
  • Three or more photographs of the work they wish to display.
  • A brief (200 words or less) description of their work and/or the proposed exhibit.
Accepted file formats include pdf, doc, docx, odt, jpg, and png.

  • We can only accept artwork that can be hanged.  We cannot accept sculptures, videos, or sound art at this time.
    Display methods must be approved in advance by the library staff.
  • All work must be hung from the picture rails.
  • Nails or adhesive are not permitted in the walls. Please check with staff before affixing labels.
  • No library furniture may be moved to accommodate art work.
  • No art-making of any kind at the library.
  • Installations may not be scheduled on summer Saturdays.
  • No alcohol permitted at receptions.

Artist Responsibilities:
  • Creating and disseminating invitations, flyers or posters for the exhibit.
  • Ensuring that all work is suitably framed for hanging.
  • Providing hanging supplies and manpower required to hang the work.
  • Provide the library with information on the exhibit and the date of the exhibit.
  • Sending us or posting a publicity poster for the library bulletin board.
  • Sending us a press release of the event, if desired.
  • Booking a meeting room should you wish to have a reception.
  • Assuming all security/ liability*
*Exhibits are open during regular library hours, when members of the library staff are on duty nearby. Because it is a public building, the Kellogg-Hubbard Library cannot be responsible in the event of damage or loss to items exhibited or injury during installation or participation in the exhibit.

A 10% commission on all artwork sold must be given to the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. We gratefully accept additional proceeds from the sale of artworks.

Please allow us at least three weeks to review your proposal.  Also, please note that we schedule exhibits on a rolling, year-round basis; therefore, requests to show during specific months may not be possible.

Thank you for your interest in showing your art at Kellogg-Hubbard Library. 

Kellogg Hubbard Library